Events - Guild Chapel Stratford-upon-Avon


We usually have a number of events throughout the year, including concerts and talks. As well as our bookable virtual talks, we also offer  in-person talks for groups, either in the Chapel or at your own venue, if local. If you are interested, please contact: or telephone: 01789 207117.

FREE Guided Tour Midday every day from 9th–18th September

To celebrate Heritage Week, step inside to see the extraordinary medieval wall paintings Shakespeare’s father helped to cover up…

The Guild Chapel’s painted walls have been hidden for centuries. What’s been – and continues to be – uncovered is one of the most important schemes of medieval wall paintings in northern Europe.

Join our volunteer guides as they talk you through the newly preserved Day of Judgement painting, also known as The Doom, and get a sneak peek behind the panels to reveal what was once the Dance of Death. The incredible detail preserved under layers of paint, is truly remarkable.

The paintings give a rare insight into the colourful and vibrant religious life of the late 15th century before being covered over in the reformation. They tell stories of biblical characters, saints and sinners, heaven and hell, and reflect on the fleeting nature of life.

Join our group tours at midday, every day during Heritage Week. Simply head into the Chapel and you’ll be greeted by our volunteer tour guides there.