Uncovering the Secrets of The Guild Chapel

Can you help us to reveal one of the last great secrets in The Guild Chapel, hidden from sight since the 19th century?

Thanks to The Pilgrim Trust, the next phase of the conservation project in the Guild Chapel is poised to begin.

We need your help to enable us to reveal one of the last great secrets in there, hidden from sight since the 19thC.

Can you help us reach our target to enable us to remove the panels in the north west corner and uncover the mystery of the medieval painting, described by Thomas Fisher as The Whore of Babylon?

The Chapel has many images of the seven deadly sins and therefore this fits with the scheme but others have doubted, could this be Mammon, Wheler the 19thC antiquarian thought so.; the text is very fragmentary, there are references to fornication and sinning. Whatever exactly is going on here, it does seem to be a dire and dramatic warning against worldly living.

The cost of revealing this painting is estimated at £5,000.

We would love you to contribute to the conservation appeal and become part of this exciting and unique project!

Please visit our crowdfunder page which will be open for pledges until 8 December.