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Standing on the corner of Church Street and Chapel Lane, the Guild Chapel is one of Stratford-upon-Avon’s most iconic and important historic buildings.

Its rich history dates back to the 13th Century when it was built by the Guild of the Holy Cross, a prominent social and religious organisation. As the Guild grew and prospered, so did its chapel, becoming central to medieval life in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Today, almost half a millennia later, the Chapel’s rare and special wall paintings offer a unique glimpse back to that medieval past. What’s been (and continues to be) uncovered is one of the rarest series of medieval wall paintings in Europe.

These deathly depictions of the afterlife were banned following the English Reformation – a royal order acted on here in Stratford by John Shakespeare, father of the playwright. But rather than being destroyed, the paintings were instead covered with layers of limewash, waiting for centuries to be re-discovered…




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Crowdfunder Campaign update

Thank you to our Crowdfunder supporters who raised £2000 during our four week campaign! Further very generous donations from two local benefactors brings our total to just over £5000, so along with funding from The Pilgrim Trust, this means conservation work can begin in The Guild Chapel in the early part of next year. As you may be aware, there […]

Uncovering the Secrets of The Guild Chapel

Can you help us to reveal one of the last great secrets in The Guild Chapel, hidden from sight since the 19th century? Thanks to The Pilgrim Trust, the next phase of the conservation project in the Guild Chapel is poised to begin. We need your help to enable us to reveal one of the last great secrets in there, […]